Introducing the “Year of Hudec”

The Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai proudly introduces the ”Year of Hudec”, a unique opportunity to rediscover Shanghai’s cultural heritage, introduce Hungarian and European culture to the Shanghainese public and contribute to the preservation of architectural relics in Shanghai.
Hungarian architect László Hugyecz (a.k.a. L.E. Hudec) was a significant figure of Shanghai’s architecture in the 1920-30’s. Many of his buildings (Park Hotel, Moore Memorial Church, Grand Theatre, The Mansion, Union Brewery, Wu’s House, Estrella Apartments, etc.) are well preserved and visible today. The Hungarian architect’s individual approach, his European architectural roots and its traditions gave inspiration to a world of unique design – including implementing Art Deco style in Shanghai. Hudec, a real patriot, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Budapest, also served as honorary Consul for Hungary and rendered continuous support to his compatriots, including Jewish refugees, during the difficult days of WWII.
On the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the birth and 50th anniversary of death of L. E. Hudec, the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai, in association with the Shanghai Urban Planning Administration Bureau, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Education of Hungary and the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, have organized the “Year of Hudec” in 2008 to commemorate his life and his architectural work in Shanghai. Also supporting are private enterprises and the Hungarian community of Shanghai.
The “Year of Hudec” will see the revival of his heritage through events and research with the involvement of leading experts on architecture, art history and cultural cooperation, as well as the Hudec family in Hungary, the United Sates and Canada. Among others, the year will include exhibitions, seminars and lectures, walking tours, and systematic research and publication of the life and heritage of L.E. Hudec.

2008 march

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