Bridges - 2010, Chinese-Hungarian Architecture Conference in the Park Hotel, September 2nd

The Hungarian Association of Architects organized a conference to develop relationships between Hungarian and Chinese architects. Mainstream Hungarian and Chinese contemporary architecture was presented to the professional public.
A short introduction of the Interactive Encyclopedia of Hudec took place together with the bilingual book of P. Jánossy on Hudec works.

Hudec exhibition at Budapest

The exhibition called "Architectural Sources of Hudec László" was opened on 5th of October at Budapest in the Association of Hungarian Architects building. Open: Mon-Thurs 9-16, Frid 9-13

There is presented with illustrations the Hudec familly story and important architects and their works from this period of Hungary. It is linked to the exposition of "Hudec Works in Shanghai"  taking place in the Hungarian Cultural Heritage office building at Budapest from the 3rd of November.


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Hudec in Berkeley

Thanks to Katalin Vörös, the manager of laboratory and researching engineer at University of California, Berkeley, it has appeared that Hudec was a consulting architect in the planning of the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley in 1956. This fact is justified by the label "consulting architect L.E. Hudec" on the original blue prints.
The building was renovated in 2003/2004.

See the webgallery of the pictures on the

56films visited the Hudec family in Canada

Documentary film director Reka Pigniczky and her crew visited two of LEH (Laszlo Ede Hudec) three children – they first went to Chandler, Arizona (US) to interview Alessa Hudec de Wet, Hudec’s youngest child and only daughter. They next went to Viktoria Island, British Columbia (Canada) to visit Theo Hudec, LEH’s second son. They also conducted research at the University of Victory archives, in cooperation with Lenore Heitkamp, one of the first scholars to do research on Hudec. Reka interviewed Hudec’s children and documented the family’s photo albums, several original drawings by LEH in the UVIC archives.

The material from this trip will be used in the feature-length documentary about Hudec’s life and work – to be completed sometime in 2010.

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Hudec book application obtained

With the help of NKA the Holnap Publishing House is going to publish the Hudec book written by Luca Poncellini and Julia Csejdy. The book is a part of the Masters of Architecture series and is expected to be issued in next year.

Hudec film preparation in Shanghai

Reka Pigniczky, the 56films production's documentary director and co-director Pierre Francois stayed in Shanghai in May 2009 for 1 week to meet with professionals and understand the context of  Hudec buildings today. Reka Pigniczky made interviews with Hudec researchers and met potential co-production partners. In addition, they tried to detect the very emblematic moments of people's life and the atmosphere of the metropolis.

Hudec buildings today

Abel Szalontai, the Hungarian photographer, member of HHP, stayed in Shanghai for a week in May 2009 and documented several Hudec buildings.

Have a look in the SHANGHAJ  PHOTOALBUM in PDF format, 11MB.

The buildings are displayed on Szalontai's photographs with lot of details and they are composed within the typical environment of today's Shanghai. We intend to show these present-day photos together with archive ones in an exhibition in the near future.

The documentary film “Hudec” receives development grant

Réka Pigniczky’s film “Hudec” won financial support from the EU Media Program for project development costs. The EU funds, announced  in October of 2008, will provide funding for research, scriptwriting and initial shooting. The grant was awarded to 56 Films, the production company producing “Hudec: the real story of the man who built Shanghai.”

Luca Poncellini’s visit in Budapest


HHP has invited L. P. in July 2008 to Hungary and asked him to study the archive materials. He was taking part in consultations about possible publications and expositions in the future, based on his PhD thesis and on the HHP materials.

NKA (National Cultural Fund) granted an allowance to HHP

The NKA’s subsidy will help the Hudec Heritage Project to accomplish the task of building a bilingual online knowledgebase running on the “” and “” urls. The aim is to gather and publish the essential information about Hudec’s work revealed by scientific research  and collect the archive pictures of the HHP materials in webgalleries.

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