20th-Century World Architecture by Phaidon Press

2012 Aug

20th-Century World Architecture portrays, for the first time, an overview of the finest built architecture from around the world completed between 1900 and 1999. Hudec's famous building, the Grand Theatre is also published in this selection. The illustrations of the article are selected from the photos of Abel Szalontai and from the archives of Hudec Heritage Project.

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A new book was published on Park Hotel.

2012 June 

LENORE HIETKAMP: “Laszlo Hudec and The Park Hotel in Shanghai, China”

Diamond River Books (2012)

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Hudec Heritage Project in Shanghai

Virag Csejdy the coordinator of the  Hudec Heritage Project (HHP) visited the Hudec Memorial Hall project in Shanghai, she met with the Chinese partners and gave an interview to a local TV channel about the archives in Hungary. As a result of the meeting a corporation has started with the Chinese partners in the subject of permanent exhibition in the Hudec Memorial Hall where HHP materials and new works are going to be presented.


The Hudec  Memorial Hall opening will be on the 8th of January in 2013, on the 120th anniversary of Hudec's birth. It is located in the newly renovated Hudec-house on Panyu Lu. 


The spa chapel in Vyhne – article by Maros SEMANCIK

Article in english, published in Slovakia about an early works of Laszlo Hudec.


Article in "Casabella" by Luca Poncellini


The Milano based architectural magazine published Luca Poncellinii's article on Hudec architecture in Shanghai. They used several archive pictures of the Hudec Heritage Project for illustration. There is a long extract in english too. 
website: http://casabellaweb.eu/ 

Download the Pdf below.

HHP presentation in the Hungarian Parliament on the IPU meeting

The National Assembly’s Hungary-China and Hungary-Slovakia IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union) Friendship Groups held their Joint Meeting on March 17th 2011, in the Parliament, at the Main Floor, Room No. 55.

The subject of the meeting was: presentation of the Hudec Heritage Project, the two lecturers were Virag Csejdy  and Júlia Csejdy. Participants of the meeting acquainted with Hungarian, Slovak and Chinese aspects of the intellectual heritage of architect László Hudec (1893-1958), and opportunities for cooperation in the related field of culture.

L. Poncellini's lecture on Hudec in Zurich, on ETH

Luca Poncellini was invited by Mr. Ákos Morovánszky to give a lecture on Laszlo Hudec for the audiance of ETH (Swiss Federal Institution of Technology Zurich) university in Zurich on the 11th of March.

His presentation took place during the seminar titled: MODERNE IM EXIL (Modernism in exile)



from left to right:

Dr. Lukasz Stanek,

Luca Poncellini Phd, 

Prof. Dr. Ákos Moravánszky, 

Arch. Sebastian Stich 


read more: http://www.gta.arch.ethz.ch/veranstaltungen/hudec

INVITATION to the "László Hudec" book presentation

Luca Poncellini's and Julia Csejdy's researches are published in this new book on Hudec life and architectural work. The english version is going to be presented as well at 5 pm, on 28th of September, in the house of the Association of Hungarian Architects (address: Budapest 1088, Ötpacsirta utca 2.).

book info:
Luca, Poncellini - Júlia, Csejdy:
László Hudec
Holnap, 2010
in the serie of "Masters of Architecture"

"Art Forum Hungary" exhibition was opened on 23rd of August 2010 in Shanghai. László Hudec's oeuvre was also presented there.

On two computer monitors in the MoCA of Shanghai the "Interactive  Encyclopedia of Architect L. E. Hudec" was clickable in Chinese, in English, or in Hungarian. Download the PDF showreal of interactive encylopedia.


On the interactive screens users could read about his architectural background with illustration of its time, and see where did he come from (A historic map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy of the early 20th century is explaining the borders and nationalities of that period). One could watch a short documentary on his life, based on his letters and illustrated with his own 16mm shootings and photos. It was also possible to explore 13 Hudec masterpieces and watch short films about his contemporaries in Hungary. On another plasma screen 3D reconstructions of three important Hudec buildings were shown.

"L. E. HUDEC, Legendary life and Architectural works" a lecture by Dr. HUA Xiahong's (Tongji University) on 4th of September

The lecturer, who is a reputed researcher of Hudec's oeuvre, gave a comprehensive resume of recent studies in the MoCA presentation hall. At least 120 people were interested in knowing more about Hudec's adventurous life and architecture, since Hudec is an iconic figure in Shanghai.

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