"László Hudec" book presentation in Shanghai on the 26th of October

The presentation took place in the Shanghai Library on the 55. death anniversary of L.E.Hudec. The Tongji University Press has published in Chinese the Hungarian book (written by Luca Poncellini and Júlia Csejdy in 2010) "László Hudec" with a different look and illustrations. The Hungarian Hudec Cultural Foundation has offered several digital copy of archive pictures for this edition too.


more in Chinese: 

Hudec exhibition starts on 16th of September in the MÜPA (Palace of Arts, Budapest )



September 16. 2013 - September 30. 2013

Banner Squarer

presented by: Palace of Arts, mupa.hu
partner: Hudec Cultural Foundation Hungary

Few people know that many of Shanghai’s modernist and art deco buildings were constructed according to the designs of László Ede Hugyecz (or Hudec), a Hungarian architect who escaped to China from wartime Russian captivity. Shanghai’s art deco cityscape is presented in an exhibition of archive and contemporary photographs.

curator: Tünde Topor
contemporary photos: Ábel Szalontai, abelszalontai.com
concept: Virág Csejdy
graphics: Márton Szabó, sabotagegraphics.hu
text: Júlia Csejdy PhD


Monday 16 September 2013 - September 23.


Presented by: Shanghai International Culture Association, Shanghai Federation of Artists and Literary Circles, Shanghai Photographers Association 

Shanghai is the focus of two parallel exhibitions. The exhibition entitled Shanghai Life Photo Exhibition reveals the Chinese city to the general public in Hungary through a series of photographs. The black-and-white images provide a glimpse into the life of a relentless metropolis of 25 million people. 



There will be three Hudec events happening with coorporatin of Hudec Cultural Foundation in the Institut Hongrois of Paris.

photo of Ábel Szalontai, Grand Theatre, Shanghai




from 18-04-2013 to 08-06-2013

The photo and media exhibition titled "L ‘homme qui a bâti Shanghai, L. E. Hudec et son époque". Life and work of L. E. Hudec will be presented on photos of Abel Szalontai, archive pictures and interactive screens. The opening will be held by Pierre-Olivier François journalist and director on the 18th of april at 7 PM.

on 19-04-2018, 7 PM

"Hudec et son œuvre" Presentation of L. E. Hudec and his oeuvre, introduction of the Hudec Heritage Project by Virag Csejdy (in french)

on  25-04-2013, 8 PM

Screening of the film "Life of László Hudec" by Réka Pigniczky. The 26 min. long documentary is made of the archive documents and pictures found in Budapest plus the archive 16 mm shootings of Hudec. (in english). More about the film here.

location: Institut Hongrois
address: 92, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

more info in french on the official website: http://parizs.balassiintezet.hu/fr/
or on facebook: facebook.com/ihongrois and Hudec Heritage Project

HMH in the media

Selected media reviews of HMH:

Hungarian TV, NEWS, 8th of January 2013

link to the 2 min long news (in hungarian)


Duna TV, Kultikon, February 2013

link to the 6 min long cultural news (in hungarian):



Thatsmags, Shanghai
"The House of Hudec" 
by Monica Liau
February 2013

photo: Nicky Almasy 


Shanghai Live News 
8th of January 2013

link to the 2 min long news:




A new book on Hudec published by Tongji University Press

2013 January

The chinese-english book: “Shanghai Hudec Architecture” is a very usefull guide for visting the Hudec buildings in town. The selected 27 buildings have a map, a plan drowing and short description about the history and architectural quality too. Because of the small size and usefull information on visting possibilities and other extras, this book is a smart guide that everybody would like to have in hand. 

Authors: Hua Xiahong and Michelle Qiao
published by: Tongji University Press, 2013

interview with Hua Xiahong in "Global Times"

Hudec Memorial Hall opening ceremony in Shanghai

8th of January, 2013

Formerly the residence of Mr. Hudec, current address is Panyu lu 129., the building has been renovated along specific reconstruction plans to house a permanent exhibition on the life and work of the renowned Hungarian architect. 


The opening of the Hudec Memorial Hall was celebrated on the 120th anniversary of Hudec’s birth, on 8th of January.


The permanent exhibition was selected from the productions of Hudec Haritage Project: copies of archive materials, the hungarian-english-chinese Hudec Interactive Encyclopedia and the short documentary on Hudec life with chinese voice over and subtitle (Reka Pigniczky: The Life of Laszlo Hudec, in his own words, 2012).

see official website (english-chinese): www.hudec.cn

see more photos by Attila Balogh: http://photo.guczo.com/History/Hudec/

Hudec family members arrived to Shanghai

2013 January

Alessa de Wet, Laszlo Hudec's daughter and Alvin Hudec, grandchild of L. Hudec  and his wife were invited to celebrate the Hudec Memorial Hall opening.


The family members has visited sevaral Hudec buildings together with Virag Csejdy, a family member from Budapest.

Anne Hudec, a fine canadian graphic artist and wife of Alvin Hudec, has donated a Limited-Edition Giclée print, title: "L.E. Hudec: Visionary" to the Hudec Cultural Foundation in Hungary. more of her works: www.annehudec.com

20th-Century World Architecture by Phaidon Press

2012 Aug

20th-Century World Architecture portrays, for the first time, an overview of the finest built architecture from around the world completed between 1900 and 1999. Hudec's famous building, the Grand Theatre is also published in this selection. The illustrations of the article are selected from the photos of Abel Szalontai and from the archives of Hudec Heritage Project.

the official website of the book

A new book was published on Park Hotel.

2012 June 

LENORE HIETKAMP: “Laszlo Hudec and The Park Hotel in Shanghai, China”

Diamond River Books (2012)

The book on the Amazon.com

The website of the book

Hudec Heritage Project in Shanghai

Virag Csejdy the coordinator of the  Hudec Heritage Project (HHP) visited the Hudec Memorial Hall project in Shanghai, she met with the Chinese partners and gave an interview to a local TV channel about the archives in Hungary. As a result of the meeting a corporation has started with the Chinese partners in the subject of permanent exhibition in the Hudec Memorial Hall where HHP materials and new works are going to be presented.


The Hudec  Memorial Hall opening will be on the 8th of January in 2013, on the 120th anniversary of Hudec's birth. It is located in the newly renovated Hudec-house on Panyu Lu. 


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