Special dinner at Qian Xiang Fang for World Congress participants
photo by Hudec Cultural Foundation

During one week in November 2015, Shanghai hosted two important events related to the popular Art Deco style. The 13th World Congress of Art Deco focused on the history of Old Shanghai, its architecture and cultural life, including the artists and architects of the era. The Miami-based International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS) has organized the World Congress since 1991. Participants at this year’s Congress in Shanghai came from Australia, USA, Europe and South America. The diverse program featured lectures, walking tours, evening dinners and cocktail parties celebrating the city’s fascinating architectural and design heritage. The high-quality programs were run by two organizations: Historic Shanghai and Shanghai Art Deco, both well known for their activities in heritage protection and historical research of Old Shanghai.

‘Arround the Bund’ walking tour for World Congress participants
photo by Hudec Cultural Foundation

ART DECO Budapest-Shanghai – conference in Green House

The conference titled ART DECO Budapest-Shanghai – Hungarian Art Deco and its Shanghai Based Master: László Hudec will be held on 4-5 of November, in the freshly renovated Hudec building, Green House. During the 2 days program experts from Shanghai and Hungary will be presenting Art Deco related subjects: renovation of the Greeen House, the roots of the Hungarian and Central European Art Deco, Hungarain masters and their ineteruier designing works, Laszlo Hudec architect’s cultural background, his effects on Shanghai and his master pieces. The organiser of the events: Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai, Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute (SUPDRI).  and Hudec Cultural Foundation Hungary.
Hudec Cultural Foundation will be organasing a show of the original Laszlo Hudec objects together with contemporary and archive photos of Hudec buildings. 

World Congress on Art Deco in Shanghai

This November, Historic Shanghai and Shanghai Art Deco host the prestigious World Congress on Art Deco – a fabulous, fun week of walks, talks, and ritzy retro evenings.
Art Deco and modernism experts from around the world and here in Shanghai will speak on Shanghai’s unique Art Deco, covering from architecture to nightlife, typography, design, furniture, grand hotels, and much more. Walking tours around the city will visit legendary buildings and hidden gems in five areas: the Bund, the former French Concession, “Around the Racetrack” (Nanjing Road) and “Bubbling Well Road” (Jing’an). Full program of the 1 week event: http://www.shanghaiartdeco.net/world-congress-program-2/

Next to the sevaral international and local experties of the subject, Virág Csejdy, curator of Hudec Cultural Foundation was also invited to give  a lecture on Laszlo Hudec Art Deco works in Shanghai. Her lecrtue will be on 3rd of November, 11AM, in Peninsula Shanghai. 
address: The Peninsula Shanghai 


We are happy to announce to you that our Budapest-based, non-profit organization has achieved great success in the past half year. Since the Hudec Heritage Project was transformed into the Hudec Cultural Foundation in 2013, we were able to reach a lot of new private partners, organizations, institutions and public programs in Shanghai and in Budapest too.

If you wish to know more:

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OR  2. Read the attached PDF documents about our projects from October 2014 to February 2015.

Hungarian Design Forum in Shanghai, Hudec Memorial Hall, 2014.03.18-22

Association of Hungarian Architects has won the support of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation for organizing the events of Hudec Salon in the Hudec Memorial Hall. This secound event's topic was the Hungarian Design Forum where the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) was the co-partner of the 5 days long program. The organization between participants and management of the program was held by Virag Csejdy, Hudec Cultural Foundation and Agota Revesz, Consul for Culture and Education from the Consulate General of Hungary Shanghai
In the program MOME representatives: prof Daniel BARCZA, Daniel KOVACS, Rita HALASI, prof Antal BODOCZKY introduced the hungarian design education, international success stories, MOME communication solutions and there was screening of student works too, selection of animations and media design films. 


ARCHITECTURE-HUDEC-SHANGHAI - exhibition opens in Budapest on the 12th of november

The Hudec Cultural Foundation is invited to make an exhibition and a follower program about the works of L. E. Hudec in Shanghai in the Gallery of Barabás Villa from 12 to 30 of november. 

The selection by the curator of the foundation, Virág Csejdy is showing the photographs of Ábel Szalontai DLA (the head of MOME Photography) and several unique documents and photos from the heritage found in Budapest. Visitors can use the application "Interactive Encyclopedia of L. E. Hudec" on computers. This multimedia content makes possible to know more about the architects' cultural background, life story and famous buildings in Shanghai.

Opening: 12th of november, 6pm. 
Greetings by Dr. János Váczi, vice-major of the district, opening speech by Katalin Marótczy PhD architecture historian, colleague of the BME Faculty of History of Architecture and Monuments.


The follower program is on 19th of november at 6pm

Invited guests:
Júlia Csejdy PhD art historian, the co-writer of the book László Hudec
Judit Éva Nagy communication consultant, the organizer of the Hudec Year in 2008 in Shanghai
Katalin Marótczy Phd architecture hystorian
And the documentary of Réka Pigniczky: The Life of László Hudec (56films.com) will be screened as well.

address: 1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 44.

"In the Footsteps of the Architect L. E. Hudec" book presentation in Besztercebánya


This event was commemorated to the 55. death anniversary of L.E.Hudec where Hudec Cultural Foundation was represented by Dr. Eszter Jánossy, Júlia Csejdy and Virág Csejdy, the Hudec relatives from Budapest. They visited several important buildings related to the Hugyecz/Hudec family and attended the ceremonial presentation of the Slovakian-Hungarian-English book which was published by the Slovakian non-profit organization called Center for Architect L. E. Hudec (CALEH).

Klara Kubickova, the writer and editor, Eva Furdikova, the co-writer of the book, the Slovakian ex-consul general of Shanghai, Pavol Sýkročin, the Major of Besztercebánya, Peter Gogola and the director of the CALEH, Oto Pison celebrated the new book's edition in the City Hall. Júlia Csejdy has greeted the public and put the support of the hungarian foundation in perspective for a Hudec memorial exhibition taking place in Besztercebánya. 

The commemoration visit ended at the family grave in the evangelist grave yard where the family members could place their wreath on the newly renovated sepulchral vault.


 photo by Oto Pison

"László Hudec" book presentation in Shanghai on the 26th of October

The presentation took place in the Shanghai Library on the 55. death anniversary of L.E.Hudec. The Tongji University Press has published in Chinese the Hungarian book (written by Luca Poncellini and Júlia Csejdy in 2010) "László Hudec" with a different look and illustrations. The Hungarian Hudec Cultural Foundation has offered several digital copy of archive pictures for this edition too.


more in Chinese: 

Hudec exhibition starts on 16th of September in the MÜPA (Palace of Arts, Budapest )



September 16. 2013 - September 30. 2013

Banner Squarer

presented by: Palace of Arts, mupa.hu
partner: Hudec Cultural Foundation Hungary

Few people know that many of Shanghai’s modernist and art deco buildings were constructed according to the designs of László Ede Hugyecz (or Hudec), a Hungarian architect who escaped to China from wartime Russian captivity. Shanghai’s art deco cityscape is presented in an exhibition of archive and contemporary photographs.

curator: Tünde Topor
contemporary photos: Ábel Szalontai, abelszalontai.com
concept: Virág Csejdy
graphics: Márton Szabó, sabotagegraphics.hu
text: Júlia Csejdy PhD


Monday 16 September 2013 - September 23.


Presented by: Shanghai International Culture Association, Shanghai Federation of Artists and Literary Circles, Shanghai Photographers Association 

Shanghai is the focus of two parallel exhibitions. The exhibition entitled Shanghai Life Photo Exhibition reveals the Chinese city to the general public in Hungary through a series of photographs. The black-and-white images provide a glimpse into the life of a relentless metropolis of 25 million people. 



There will be three Hudec events happening with coorporatin of Hudec Cultural Foundation in the Institut Hongrois of Paris.

photo of Ábel Szalontai, Grand Theatre, Shanghai




from 18-04-2013 to 08-06-2013

The photo and media exhibition titled "L ‘homme qui a bâti Shanghai, L. E. Hudec et son époque". Life and work of L. E. Hudec will be presented on photos of Abel Szalontai, archive pictures and interactive screens. The opening will be held by Pierre-Olivier François journalist and director on the 18th of april at 7 PM.

on 19-04-2018, 7 PM

"Hudec et son œuvre" Presentation of L. E. Hudec and his oeuvre, introduction of the Hudec Heritage Project by Virag Csejdy (in french)

on  25-04-2013, 8 PM

Screening of the film "Life of László Hudec" by Réka Pigniczky. The 26 min. long documentary is made of the archive documents and pictures found in Budapest plus the archive 16 mm shootings of Hudec. (in english). More about the film here.

location: Institut Hongrois
address: 92, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

more info in french on the official website: http://parizs.balassiintezet.hu/fr/
or on facebook: facebook.com/ihongrois and Hudec Heritage Project

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