Hommage á László Hudec program on the 30th of September in the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts.

The aim of the program starting at 3pm is to introduce the cultural and architectural heritage of László Hudec, the most famous architect of Shanghai between the wars. Participants are invited to watch Réka Pigniczky documentary about his life and Ábel Szalontai's contemporary photographs of the most famous Hudec buildings. Graphisoft will give virtual tours of 3 Hudec buildings with Google Cardboard glasses and invited experts will be asked during a stage conversation about their opinion of the Hudec heritage in Shanghai. The Sanghay – Shanghai exhibition will be open to the public as well. The programs are in Hungarian, entrance tickets are available at the museum's ticket office.

address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 103.


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The Sanghay - Shanghai exhibition opened on 21st of September in the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, Budapest

The new exhibition at the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, titled Sanghay - Shanghai. Parallel Diversities between East and West, links the emblematic oriental metropolis of Shanghai with the Sanghay Bar in Budapest, a perfect encapsulation of the contradictory image of the East that prevailed in Hungary between the wars. The aim of the exhibition is twofold: firstly to allow a glimpse inside the world of Hungarians who lived and worked in Shanghai in that period, as seen through their own personal items (many of which now form part of the collection of the Hopp Museum); and secondly to present the findings of recent research into previously unexplored areas of Hungarian art that came under the influence of the East. 

video about the opening: 

The renewed Hudec photo albums

Thanks to the high performed restoration work of Edit Darabos, the colleague of the Applied Art Museum, the two original photo albums are in the condition as they were 80-90 years ago. This is a great result of the cooperation program between Applied Art Museum and Hudec Cultural Foundation started years ago.



14th World Congress on Art Deco ® in Cleveland

The Hudec Cultural Foundation was the honorary guest of the 14th World Congress on Art Deco in Cleveland, USA in 2017 May. The World Congress aims to provide a forum for the worldwide exchange and promotion of ideas and information about Art Deco.


The main organiser of the program, the 20th Century Society USA, http://www.20thcs.org/, provided a a 5 days program with lectures, guided architectural and museum tours and evening parties. Participants had been presented to all the important museums and well known architectural sites of the city. The almost 200 attendants were coming from Australia and New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, China, Europe and USA. 


Visiting Laszlo Hudec’s last work - the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley, USA

In 2017 May Virag Csejdy visited the church, entered the building and met the Pastor who allowed to look at the old documents and design drawings. Laszlo Hudec was the consultant architect of the project. The hired architecture firm was Wahamaki & Corey, the construction works was finished in 1957, one year before he died. He was also involved in the community life and the church has served his funeral ceremony too, but his ashes were buried in his born city, Besztercebánya (Slovakia) later.

The blueprints and design drawings are bringing back the atmosphere of the main concept of a transparent building with multi functions serving the need of the community's life. In the well proportioned facade windows and the characteristic tower, the main motive of the building, we can track down L. E. Hudec's designing skills and experienced architectural knowledge.

The building was renovated and a lot of structural changes had been made for better usage of the communitiy needs. As a result a lot of original designing idea has disappered but the strong tower motive is still the most dominant character of the building. In the interior the old german crucifix had been moved from the altar and therefore the main, longitudinal view of the space lost its spiritual power.


Through presentations and expert-guided tours, this Symposium presents the architectural and cultural treasures of the Art Deco style, as represented by outstanding cultural heritage locations in Budapest.
The Symposium is organized by the non-profit Hudec Cultural Foundation, headed by Virág Csejdy. In response to International Coalition of Art Deco Societies' support for new Art Deco interest groups around the globe, the Budapest symposium has been organized to offer a Central European perspective and to explore opportunities for further international collaboration.

Programs are in English and free to all participants. Online registration needed: www.hudecproject.com/artdeco

Honorary Guests
Joseph Loundy, President of the Chicago Art Deco Society (CADS), President of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS)
Pascal Laurent, Founder and President of the Paris Art Deco Society (APADS), board member of International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS)
Patrick Cranley, co-founder and President of Historic Shanghai, board member of International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS)


Special dinner at Qian Xiang Fang for World Congress participants
photo by Hudec Cultural Foundation

During one week in November 2015, Shanghai hosted two important events related to the popular Art Deco style. The 13th World Congress of Art Deco focused on the history of Old Shanghai, its architecture and cultural life, including the artists and architects of the era. The Miami-based International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS) has organized the World Congress since 1991. Participants at this year’s Congress in Shanghai came from Australia, USA, Europe and South America. The diverse program featured lectures, walking tours, evening dinners and cocktail parties celebrating the city’s fascinating architectural and design heritage. The high-quality programs were run by two organizations: Historic Shanghai and Shanghai Art Deco, both well known for their activities in heritage protection and historical research of Old Shanghai.

‘Arround the Bund’ walking tour for World Congress participants
photo by Hudec Cultural Foundation

ART DECO Budapest-Shanghai – conference in Green House

The conference titled ART DECO Budapest-Shanghai – Hungarian Art Deco and its Shanghai Based Master: László Hudec will be held on 4-5 of November, in the freshly renovated Hudec building, Green House. During the 2 days program experts from Shanghai and Hungary will be presenting Art Deco related subjects: renovation of the Greeen House, the roots of the Hungarian and Central European Art Deco, Hungarain masters and their ineteruier designing works, Laszlo Hudec architect’s cultural background, his effects on Shanghai and his master pieces. The organiser of the events: Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai, Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute (SUPDRI).  and Hudec Cultural Foundation Hungary.
Hudec Cultural Foundation will be organasing a show of the original Laszlo Hudec objects together with contemporary and archive photos of Hudec buildings. 

World Congress on Art Deco in Shanghai

This November, Historic Shanghai and Shanghai Art Deco host the prestigious World Congress on Art Deco – a fabulous, fun week of walks, talks, and ritzy retro evenings.
Art Deco and modernism experts from around the world and here in Shanghai will speak on Shanghai’s unique Art Deco, covering from architecture to nightlife, typography, design, furniture, grand hotels, and much more. Walking tours around the city will visit legendary buildings and hidden gems in five areas: the Bund, the former French Concession, “Around the Racetrack” (Nanjing Road) and “Bubbling Well Road” (Jing’an). Full program of the 1 week event: http://www.shanghaiartdeco.net/world-congress-program-2/

Next to the sevaral international and local experties of the subject, Virág Csejdy, curator of Hudec Cultural Foundation was also invited to give  a lecture on Laszlo Hudec Art Deco works in Shanghai. Her lecrtue will be on 3rd of November, 11AM, in Peninsula Shanghai. 
address: The Peninsula Shanghai 


We are happy to announce to you that our Budapest-based, non-profit organization has achieved great success in the past half year. Since the Hudec Heritage Project was transformed into the Hudec Cultural Foundation in 2013, we were able to reach a lot of new private partners, organizations, institutions and public programs in Shanghai and in Budapest too.

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