In 2017 May Virag Csejdy visited the church, entered the building and met the Pastor who allowed to look at the old documents and design drawings. Laszlo Hudec was the consultant architect of the project. The hired architecture firm was Wahamaki & Corey, the construction works was finished in 1957, one year before he died. He was also involved in the community life and the church has served his funeral ceremony too, but his ashes were buried in his born city, Besztercebánya (Slovakia) later.

The blueprints and design drawings are bringing back the atmosphere of the main concept of a transparent building with multi functions serving the need of the community's life. In the well proportioned facade windows and the characteristic tower, the main motive of the building, we can track down L. E. Hudec's designing skills and experienced architectural knowledge.

The building was renovated and a lot of structural changes had been made for better usage of the communitiy needs. As a result a lot of original designing idea has disappered but the strong tower motive is still the most dominant character of the building. In the interior the old german crucifix had been moved from the altar and therefore the main, longitudinal view of the space lost its spiritual power.

Virag Csejdy’s visit to the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley was supported by the Hungary Initiatives Foundation’s Conference Support Grant.

The archive materials are provided by the University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley and published with the permission of Pastor Jeff Johnson.

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