This event was commemorated to the 55. death anniversary of L.E.Hudec where Hudec Cultural Foundation was represented by Dr. Eszter Jánossy, Júlia Csejdy and Virág Csejdy, the Hudec relatives from Budapest. They visited several important buildings related to the Hugyecz/Hudec family and attended the ceremonial presentation of the Slovakian-Hungarian-English book which was published by the Slovakian non-profit organization called Center for Architect L. E. Hudec (CALEH).

Klara Kubickova, the writer and editor, Eva Furdikova, the co-writer of the book, the Slovakian ex-consul general of Shanghai, Pavol Sýkročin, the Major of Besztercebánya, Peter Gogola and the director of the CALEH, Oto Pison celebrated the new book's edition in the City Hall. Júlia Csejdy has greeted the public and put the support of the hungarian foundation in perspective for a Hudec memorial exhibition taking place in Besztercebánya. 

The commemoration visit ended at the family grave in the evangelist grave yard where the family members could place their wreath on the newly renovated sepulchral vault.


 photo by Oto Pison
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