L. E. Hudec Memorial Year, 2018-2019 has been announced by the Human Dignity Council and the Hungarian Association of Architects. The purpose of the memorial year is to introduce to the Hungarian audience the architect of the first skyscraper in Asia, László Hudec and his architectural heritage in Shanghai.


László Hudec (1893-1958) is one of the talented Hungarian who survived World War I, whose outstanding architectural work has been discovered by the Hungarians architects and culture experts in the past 10 years and has since become one of the main pillars of Sino-Hungarian relations. 

The city leaders of Shanghai are also proud of their Hudec legacy: 28 of his 60 buildings are protected with Cultural Heritage label, and the number of beatifully renovated Hudec buildings has been increasing in the last years.


The Board Members of the L. E. Hudec Memorial Year: (from the left) Virág CSEJDY, curator-director of Hudec Cultural Foundation / Dr Zoltán LOMNICI, chairman of Human Dignity Council / András KRIZSÁN, chairman of Hungarian Association of Architects / Balázs BALOGH DLA, architect / Mónika KISS-STEFÁN, Real Pictures Kft., producer, director

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