Association of Hungarian Architects has won the support of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation for organizing the events of Hudec Salon in the Hudec Memorial Hall. This secound event's topic was the Hungarian Design Forum where the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) was the co-partner of the 5 days long program. The organization between participants and management of the program was held by Virag Csejdy, Hudec Cultural Foundation and Agota Revesz, Consul for Culture and Education from the Consulate General of Hungary Shanghai
In the program MOME representatives: prof Daniel BARCZA, Daniel KOVACS, Rita HALASI, prof Antal BODOCZKY introduced the hungarian design education, international success stories, MOME communication solutions and there was screening of student works too, selection of animations and media design films. 


In addition chinese expertise introduced their subjects. Ms Michelle Qiao, journalist and researcher explained the goals of heritage protection in the city, in her lecture titled "Living Hudec buildings". Professor Wei Shaonong from the School of Design, East China Normal University, showed educational ideas in the lecture titled „The 1+3 Talent Support Method in Design”. Mr. Zhu Jianzhong, the Secretary General of the Association of Applied Arts, Shanghai gave examples of preserving and presenting old craft technics in our days under the title of  “Arts & Crafts and People’s life”. In order to generate discussions a hot topic event was arranged as well. Invited shanghai based expertise and MOME professors could explain their visions and concepts related to the topic of "Gadgets vs Design". 
The aim of the whole event was to make a complex and characteristic impression about MOME educational style and solutions. This goal has been reached the most successfully with the workshop project organized by prof Antal Bodoczky. "Think inside the box" workshop gave the task to chinese students to build an environment design for János Vitéz poem. The students' results were amazingly creative and it became a starting point for further possible co-operations between MOME and invited chinese universities, the East China Normal University and Jiaotong University.

The main event of the whole program was the presentation of the MOME Laboratory's installation, a robot-kinetic automated “Hudec Processor”. On the ceremony of “Hudec reconstructed – a celebration of design” held on March 21st, Ms. Monika Balatoni, State Secretary for Social Relations of Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice personally welcomed the guests at the venue. Chen Zhiqi, Vice Mayor of Changning district Shanghai delivered speeches together with professionals from architectural and design circles. After this celebration Ms Balatoni Monika gave a lecture about the importance of Hudec heritage in Shanghai and showed a panorama of the hungarian architectural potentials by citing the example of Gabor Zoboki's successful project in Shenzhen. Than Ms. Virag Csejdy's, Curator of Hudec Cultural Foundation, lecture followed, where she presented a valuable collection of original Hudec’s objects provided by Hudec family members, for the purpose of interpreting the life and personality of the architect to the visitors.

As a result of the events the former family house of Hudec was full of life and creative ideas. Shanghai based press releases reported on the events and important meetings were arranged in order to continue the dialogue between chinese and hungarian partners. MOME and Hudec Cultural Foundation has been convinced that Hungarian design education and talent support has a future in Shanghai.

Organizers and creators of the porgram:
project manager: Virág Csejdy (Hudec Cultural Foundation, Hungary)
organiser and co-producer: Dr Ágota Révész (Consulate General of Hungary Shanghai)

lecturers: Dr Dániel  Barcza (MOME), Rita Mária Halasi (MOME, Ponton Gallery), Dániel Kovács (MOME), Antal Bodóczky  (MOME), Monika Balatoni State Secretary for Social Relations (Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Hungary), Virág Csejdy (HCF), Michelle Quiao (journalist), Prof Wei Shaonong (School of Design, East China Normal University) Zhu Jianzhong (Association of Arts and Crafts, Shanghai)
workshop - Think inside the box - János Vitéz: consulted by Antal Bodóczky, students from the School of Design, East China Normal University and from the Jiao Tong University, School of Media and Design
exhibition - Hudec Processor installation: Antal BodóczkyGábor Karcis, ROBOT-X Kft. Hungary

National Cultural Foundation, Hungary
Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Hungary
Association of Hungarian Architects
Consulate General of Hungary, Shanghai
Architectural Association of Shanghai, ASSC
Shanghai Changning Hudec Cultural Development Center
Association of Arts and Crafts, Shanghai
Hudec Cultural Foundation
Graphisoft Co.
Robot-x Co. 
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