8th of January, 2013

Formerly the residence of Mr. Hudec, current address is Panyu lu 129., the building has been renovated along specific reconstruction plans to house a permanent exhibition on the life and work of the renowned Hungarian architect. 


The opening of the Hudec Memorial Hall was celebrated on the 120th anniversary of Hudec’s birth, on 8th of January.


The permanent exhibition was selected from the productions of Hudec Haritage Project: copies of archive materials, the hungarian-english-chinese Hudec Interactive Encyclopedia and the short documentary on Hudec life with chinese voice over and subtitle (Reka Pigniczky: The Life of Laszlo Hudec, in his own words, 2012).

see official website (english-chinese): www.hudec.cn

see more photos by Attila Balogh: http://photo.guczo.com/History/Hudec/

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