An international Hudec Media Workshop program will be held in Shanghai on 20-24 of March in cooperation with the School of Design, East China Normal University Shanghai, the Hudec Cultural Foundation and Panasonic. The aim of the program is to make contemporary documentation of several Hudec buildings through the eyes of young designers and bring their fresh impressions to the Budapest public. The workshop results are going to be exhibited in May, in Budapest, in the FUGA gallery, a frequented culture location of Budapest. The program is an initiation of Hudec Cultural Foundation.


Press Release in English 

Workshop directors: Virág Csejdy, Prof Wei Shanong, Jiang Hongqing, Yao Rong, Lyu Jian, Zhong Yuzhe
Workshop partners and supporters: East China Normal University (ECNU), Panasonic 
Budapest exhibition partner: Fuga - Budapest Center for Architecture
Budapest exhibition supporter: National Cultural Fund of Hungary


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