On hudecproject.com website you can find information about the documentary film, the book, the architectural website and the archival documents recently found in the heritage. The archival documents reveal new aspects of Hudec life and career. Our goal is to publicize them in Hungarian and also in English to provide information for further research. The unauthorized use of any archive material from this site for publication or any other media is strictly forbidden.


By clicking ARCHIVES you can access them. By clicking GALLERY you can access photos in webgalleries. By clicking PRESS you can access articles and publications; some are available in PDF format. By clicking HUDEC YEAR IN SHANGHAI you can find information about events in Shanghai. By clicking LINKS you can access sites dealing with Hudec’s career. By clicking CONCEPT and ABOUT US you can read about our projects and about the participants. By clicking DOCUMENTARY you can access the script of the documentary film and read about the authors.  By clicking BIOGRAPHY you can find a short story of his life in chronological order.


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