Selected archive materials from the Budapest based Hudec collection is going to be presented in Shanghai

Stereoscopic Notes · Urban Landscape—László Hudec and Modern Shanghai
- the title of the exhibition opening on the 2nd of February in the Shanghai History Museum. The exhibition's partner is the Hudec Cultural Foundation, the representative of the Hudec family-archives in Budapest. 

Facebook album about the delivery of items by Hudec Cultural Foundation.

The exhibition's content is focusing on the modernist architecture of Shanghai and on László Hudec's oeuvre, who was the main architect of the period. The selection of the Budapest based archives are going to be exhibited for the first time in Shanghai. Unique items are going to be shown such as the portfolio photo albums, Hudec made himself, important documents and photos of his life periods and several personal objects as well. Thanks to the generous donation of the Hudec family members in Canada (Theo Hudec's family members), USA (Martin Hudec's and Alessa Hudec's family members) and Budapest (Hudec's niece, Eszter Jánossy) a few of the exhibited objects are going to enrich the collection of the Shanghai History Museum. 

Main infromations:

Title: Stereoscopic Notes · Urban Landscape—László Hudec and Modern Shanghai 

open: from 02-02-2019 to 05-05-2019 

location: Shanghai History Museum, No. 325 Nanjing Xi Road, 200003, Shanghai

Organiser: Shanghai History Museum

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 Back and Rosta Ltd. 


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