L. E. Hudec heritage in the region

Commemorate the Hudec legacy in his born city on the 60th anniversary of his death

The aim of the 1 day program is to introduce the L. E. Hudec related cultural heritage in the region with participation of Slovakian, Hungarian and Chinese experts, local people concerned and invited stakeholders. There will be guided tour to Hudec related places and solemn event of the “MEMORANDOUM for Preserving the Hudec Heritage” document signature. The document is representing an international initiation of collecting and supervising Hudec related researches, developments and establishing a jointly agreed Hudec tradition.
The program is a joint event of the Hudec Memorial Year 2018-2019.

The Hudec Culture Walks registration and program 

The MEMORANDUM document 

The programs are free with limited registration available.


Hudec Cultural Foundation (HU)

Center of Architect L. E. Hudec (CALEH) (SK)

Banská Bystrica State Scientific Library (SK) 


Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, (HU)

Slovak Architects Society, Bratislava, (SK)

Supported by National Cultural Found of Hungary 



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