Hudec Cultural Foundation's plans for the Year of the Dog

The year 2018 is a unique occasion to celebrate the Hudec heritage in China, in Central Europe and in USA. László Hudec was born 125 years ago in Besztercebánya (Banska Bystrica) Slovakia, he arrived to Shanghai 100 years ago and he died 60 years ago in Berkeley, USA. The Hudec Cultural Foundation has several plans to organize events, exhibitions and cooperate in film productions for celebrating and commemorating the Hudec oeuvre, his architectural talent and his exemplary life story of the vicissitudes 20th century.

March - August
Budapest family archives digitalization, systematization and selection of textual and visual content for publication purposes

May - June
International Hudec Workshop in Besztercebánya (Banska Bystrica) where Hudec was born

July - August
Researching and documenting archives in Canada, UVIC archives (Victoria University holds the world biggest public Hudec collection) and Hudec life places in USA, Berkeley where Hudec lived his last 10 years

Commemorating events in Budapest in relation to the 60th anniversary of his death. Hudec studied architecture in the Technical University of Budapest (BME)

"Hudec 100" programs and exhibitions in Shanghai and in Budapest, commemorating and celebrating his arrival to Shanghai 100 years ago

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