The FINDING HUDEC - Architectural Heritage in Today's Shanghai titled exhibition will open on 8th of May, 6 pm, in FUGA, Budapest Center of Architecture.


Opening remarks by Dániel Kovács, Art Historian 


Hudec Heritage: the Shortest Distance from Shanghai to Budapest!  - This concept was the main idea of setting up the FINDING HUDEC exhibition. In Hungary people are more and more interested in the dynamically developing metropolis where Hudec is one of the most celebrated figure of the pre-war period. It is not suprising since 60 of his buildings are still functioning and they have great reputation.   

The exhibition will show the results of the HUDEC MEDIA WORKSHOP started in march, organised in cooperation with the School of Design ECNU in Shanghai. The media workshop aimed to record our day’s reflections of the Hudec buildings in function. The exhibition would also give a view on the Budapest based Hudec archives taken care by Hudec Cultural Foundation. It will present selected documents that has a unique value as source of Hudec’s personality, his cultural background and his way of understanding architecture, Shanghai and Chinese culture.


The idea of the exhibition was developed by Virag Csejdy, director of Hudec Cultural Foundation.

Curators: Virág Csejdy, media designer, Abel Szalontai photographer, WEI Shaonong, Dean of School of Design ECNU 


Main partner:

School of Design ECNU 


Exhibited artists are students and teachers of the School of Design ECNU 


Host of the exhibition:

FUGA, Budapest Center of Architecture


Supported by

National Cultural Fund of Hungary 


The group of Hudec Media Workshop


The student group in action





Selected photos of the ECNU professor, Mr Rong Yao





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