Through presentations and expert-guided tours, this Symposium presents the architectural and cultural treasures of the Art Deco style, as represented by outstanding cultural heritage locations in Budapest.
The Symposium is organized by the non-profit Hudec Cultural Foundation, headed by Virág Csejdy. In response to International Coalition of Art Deco Societies' support for new Art Deco interest groups around the globe, the Budapest symposium has been organized to offer a Central European perspective and to explore opportunities for further international collaboration.

Programs are in English and free to all participants. Online registration needed:

Honorary Guests
Joseph Loundy, President of the Chicago Art Deco Society (CADS), President of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS)
Pascal Laurent, Founder and President of the Paris Art Deco Society (APADS), board member of International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS)
Patrick Cranley, co-founder and President of Historic Shanghai, board member of International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS)
Tina Kanagaratnam, co-founder and Vice-President of Historic Shanghai, editor of and

Presenters and tour Guides
Zoltán Bolla, graphic designer and author of the ‘Hungarian Art Deco Architecture’ (Ariton Kft, 2016)
Júlia Csejdy PhD, art historian, curator of Hudec Cultural Foundation
Éva Horányi, historian and curator of the Furniture Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and ‘Breuer Home Again’ exhibition
Anikó Katona, art historian, curator of the poster
collection at the Museum of Fine Arts-Hungarian National Gallery’s Graphic Collection
Dániel Kovács, art historian, member of the Board of Cura- tors of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center (KÉK) Katalin Marótzy PhD, architect, assistant professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Department for History of Architecture and of Monuments
András Török, author of Budapest: A Critical Guide, publisher, columnist of the monthly ‘Budapest’, manager
of the free online archive

Hosting partners:

Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest
Falk Art Forum, Budapest
Summa Artium, Budapest
Atrium Theatre, Budapest

Contemporary Architecture Centre, Budapest
International Coalition of Art Deco Societies – ICADS
Chicago Art Deco Society – CADS
Historic Shanghai
Paris Art Deco Society

Organizer: Hudec Cultural Foundation, Budapest

Supported by National Cultural Found of Hungary

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