The Hudec Cultural Foundation is invited to make an exhibition and a follower program about the works of L. E. Hudec in Shanghai in the Gallery of Barabás Villa from 12 to 30 of november. 

The selection by the curator of the foundation, Virág Csejdy is showing the photographs of Ábel Szalontai DLA (the head of MOME Photography) and several unique documents and photos from the heritage found in Budapest. Visitors can use the application "Interactive Encyclopedia of L. E. Hudec" on computers. This multimedia content makes possible to know more about the architects' cultural background, life story and famous buildings in Shanghai.

Opening: 12th of november, 6pm. 
Greetings by Dr. János Váczi, vice-major of the district, opening speech by Katalin Marótczy PhD architecture historian, colleague of the BME Faculty of History of Architecture and Monuments.


The follower program is on 19th of november at 6pm

Invited guests:
Júlia Csejdy PhD art historian, the co-writer of the book László Hudec
Judit Éva Nagy communication consultant, the organizer of the Hudec Year in 2008 in Shanghai
Katalin Marótczy Phd architecture hystorian
And the documentary of Réka Pigniczky: The Life of László Hudec ( will be screened as well.

address: 1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 44.



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