The curators of Hudec Cultural Foundation (all are family members):

  • Virag Csejdy, president curator, project manager, media designer
  • Barnabas Gero, curator, financial and legal advisor
  • Julia Csejdy, curator, PhD art historian

Other partners who helped in realizing the projects:

  • Reka Pigniczky, Researcher, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Abel Szalontai, Photographer, photo-researcher
  • Dr. Eszter Janossy, niece of L. E. Hudec, owner of the archive documents and photos
  • Márton Szabó, graphic designer,

Virág Csejdy
Virág Csejdy is the curator and project manager of the Hudec Cultural Fondation in which she is responsible for concept development and web design. She is also conducting research on all visual archive materials about L.E. Hudec that have recently surfaced (2008). She is a free-lance project manager and media designer. In the last 6 years she was the concept developer, curator and media designer of several Hudec legacy related events and publications in Budapest and in Shanghai too. She completed her studies in visual art design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and also completed an MA degree in multi-media at the Institute of Art and Media in Utrecht (HKU). She is L.E. Hudec's grand-niece.

Réka Pigniczky
Réka Pigniczky is a television journalist, producer and independent documentary filmmaker. She’s worked for the Associated Press Television News for over 10 years, both in New York and Budapest, Hungary. She completed her first feature-length documentary, Journey Home: a story from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, at the end of 2006. It won awards in Hungary and was invited to screen at a number of international film festivals. She completed her second feature-length documentary, Inkubátor, in 2010, which saw a wide audience in Hungary through a national theatrical release as well as television broadcast, and it enjoyed wide critical acclaim after the Hungarian Film Festival. The film was also voted one of the 25 best films released in Hungary in 2010.

Réka has an MA in journalism and international relations from Columbia University in New York, and she also has an MA in political science from the Central European University in Budapest. She has a BA in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego. Réka was born and raised in the U.S. by Hungarian refugee parents and lived and worked in Hungary for 14 years after 1990. She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ábel Szalontai DLA
Photographer, responsible for processing the visual elements of the heritage and documentation of Hudec buildings in our days. He is director of Media Institute at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and He has been organizing and participating in several national and international exhibitions.

Barnabás Gerő
Barnabas Gero is corporate financial services advisor and film producer. Since 2004, he is a manager in Deloitte’s Budapest-based financial advisory team and a member of Deloitte’s regional PPP and debt advisory product. Before Deloitte, he worked at Citigroup Global Corporate and Investment Bank as an associate in corporate finance and credit analysis department. Before Citigroup, he was employed at Iron Street Partners, a private equity firm in New York. In 1996 he co-founded Pige Ltd. (now 56Films), a film production company specializing in documentary films and television news production. 56Films produced the award-winning documentary Journey Home: a story from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, on which Barnabas was the co-producer. The company is currently managing three new film projects.
Barnabas Gero received his BA in sociology from ELTE's Sociology Deparment in Hungary, an MA in Political Science from the CEU in Budapest, an MA in Sociology from the New School of Social Research in New York, and an MPhil in Management from Columbia University in New York. He is expected to receive his PhD in Business Administration from Columbia Business School in 2008.



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