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The three-day symposium will present the architectural and cultural treasures

of the world-renowned Art Deco style in Budapest and the Hungarian countryside. The symposium includes lectures and architectural tours to cultural heritage locations. In addition, members of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies, arriving from Shanghai, Chicago and Paris, will consider Budapest as the venue for

a future World Congress on Art Deco. The symposium’s organizer, the Hudec Cultural Foundation Budapest, is also setting up the Central European Art Deco Network to partner with the International Coalition,

and looks forward to working with other organizations in this initiative.


Programs are in English and free to all participants.

Registration is required.


day 1

10th of January, Tuesday

House of Hungarian Art Nouveau

15:00   welcoming the honorary guests:

Mr Joseph Loundy (ICADS, CADS)

Mr Patrick Cranley (ICADS,Historic Shanghai)

Mr Pascal Yves Laurent (ICADS, Paris Art Deco Society)

Ms Tina Kanagaratnam (Historic Shanghai)

15:15     architectural walking tour in the 5th district by Mr András Török

16:00   opening of the Symposium, welcoming the guests

16:10     ICADS introduction by Mr Joseph Loundy

16:30    lecture by Mr Zoltán Bolla: Budapest Art Deco – the Art Deco book

and what is behind

– break –

17:30     lecture by Ms Júlia Csejdy PhD: Hudec and his Hungarian contemporaries

17:50     lecture by Ms Anikó Katona: Art Deco Poster Art in Hungary

18:15       presentation by Mr Patrick Cranley, organizer of the World Congress

on Art Deco in Shanghai in 2015

18: 35     open discussion, questions for the lecturers

19:00    end of the program

Lectures are in English

About the House of Hungarain Art Nouveau:

Bedő House, built in 1903. Architect Emil Vidor. Today a museum and café, and a dwelling-house: House of Hungarian Art Nouveau - A Magyar Szecesszió Háza. It was built only six years after the Belgian Victor Horta made his first fully Art Nouveau house, and in the same time with the Scottish architect, Mackintosh's famous arts house. The decorative elements used on the façade are from the famous Hungarian Zsolnay factory.


day 2

11th of January, Wednesday

Atrium Theatre

15:00    architectural walking tour in the 2nd district by Mr Zoltán Bolla

16:30     visit of the Atrium House – designed by Hungarian architect Lajos Kozma in 1936

17:00    a hot drink at the Theatre coffee

Lectures are in English

About Atrium House:

It was designed by Lajos Kozma. The construction lasted two years. The Atrium Cinema is one of his masterpiece not only for its size, but also for his modern toned. The steel-frame building was realized using the most developped technologies of the era. Kozma designed this building with all of his expertise. He designed not only the house, but all of the interiors, the doors, windows, lighting, furniture and textiles. Every element Kozma designed is meant to be thought of as part of the larger artistic idea of the house. It became a famous example of the European architecture between the wars.


day 3

12th of January, Thursday

Museum of Applied Arts

program for organizations

10:00   welcoming by the Museum of Applied Arts

10:15     preparatory meeting aiming to establish an ART DECO NETWORK in Central Europe -

presentation by Ms Virág Csejdy, Hudec Cultural Foundation

10:35     creation of a statement about common interest and goals, finalizing the

document for signatures

10:35     lunch break

14:00     visiting the Museum building


public program

16:00    welcoming of the Symposium guests

16:10     lecture by Ms Éva Horányi: Tube Furnitures - symbols of the modern life

16:40     presentation by Mr Pascal Yves Laurent

17:00   “Breuer - at Home Again”– a guided tour of the temporary exhibition by the curators :

Mr Pál Ritoók, Mr Tamás Dévényi, Ms Éva Horányi

- beak -

18:00    lecture by Ms Katalin Marótzy PhD: Art Deco in Budapest -Styles and Education

18:20     lecture by Mr Dániel Kovács: World Language with Accent - Art Deco in Central Europe

18:40     open discussion, questions for the lecturers

19:00    closing of the Symposium

Lectures are in English



About ‘Breuer Home again’ exhibition:

In the fall of 2016, the Museum of Applied Arts was enriched with an extraordinary work of art thanks to the Hungarian National Bank’s Asset Depository Program. The large granite table was made on the basis of designs by the world famous Hungarian-born furniture designer and architect Marcel Breuer for his own office in New York. The goal of this collection is not just to bring together the notable results of European and Hungarian design, but also to show works that were created by Hungarian-born artists who came to prominence abroad.





photo Zoltan Bolla


National Cultural Found of Hungary

hosting partners

Summa Artium

Falk Art Fórum

Museum of Applied Arts

Atrium Theatre


International Coalition of Art Deco Societies

Chicago Art Deco


Historic Shanghai

Paris Art Deco Society

Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center


Hudec Cultural Foundation

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